Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing? Do you have a story, poem, recipe, review, art, photography, experiences, or other articles/idea you want to share? Deja-visite is a free online magazine and is currently looking for submissions of articles. For articles submitted and accepted, we offer in-house editing and review and work collaboratively with authors/writers and creatives to bring their work through the stages.

We are free, therefore we don't pay our writers/contributors, we offer experience and a place to bounce and try out new ideas (and buttons, we do like buttons). It is a great way to try your hand at something as a casual hobby and to share your work with others. All contributors retain all rights to their work and there is no hold if they also publish it on personal blogs or web pages, and receive credit for all work they do.

We publish on a bi-monthly schedule, and usually run 30-60 pages per issue.

Submission Guidelines

Types of work accepted:

  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing
  • Experience columns/journals
  • Reviews for restaurants/movies/books/television/events/games
  • Recipes
  • Travel articles
  • local interest pieces
  • Hobby and geek-culture
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Research columns on personal interest

Articles max length:

  • Reviews, and non-creative writing pieces: 1500 words
  • Creative writing pieces: 2500 words

Submission deadlines for upcoming issue:

Friday May 31st by 5:00 PM.

Send all submission to dejavisite.group@gmail.com with the subject line “Submission to Deja-Visite: Your Name”. Please include your name, the title and style of your submission, a little bit about your interests/self, and a file in .doc or .odt format. Within 24 hours of sending your e-mail you will receive a response to verify we have received your submission, and within a few days we’ll contact you with further information.

We do not accept work that actively promotes hate/discrimination/bigotry, etc. We try to be a fun place devoted to local interest, creative writing, hobby-work, and personal development.

We do not have a political or other agenda, we just want to be a place that sparks passion and interest in the things we love.