Deja-Visite is created, maintained, and written by a group of women from Western Canada, specifically the Prairies. Each has their own passions, their own drives, and their own interests. Each wants to explore, share, and create something new and interesting, to tickle your funny bone, or make you think about something in a new way. It is created with the goal of sharing and exploring information, knowledge, and experiences with a unique twist and fresh perspective.

Deja-Visite was founded for the purpose of producing a wide variety of content, all of which is based off the individual interests, passions, and knowledge brought in by each of its members. It is a project that allows for the sharing and exploration of a range of articles that are centered around local entertainment, culture, software development, to more abstract pieces related to history, creative writing, satirical examination and social commentary.

At its core, Deja-Visite is a monthly zine, filled with a variety of in-house articles and interest pieces that will change from month to month.